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The Thinking by Design course.

Thinking by Design is a course led by experienced trainers utilising thinking tools developed by Dr Edward de Bono and other originators with their permission.

​By applying creativity to the unmet needs of prospects and customers you will increase your chance of growing your customer base.


This service includes


  • An instructor lead course on Thinking by Design

  • Videos from Dr. Edward de Bono, the originator of Lateral Thinking

  • Editable PDF templates of the thinking tools for your future use

The course is available via our training providers for individuals and corporate customers. The trainers will provide instruction and facilitation to ensure you learn and apply the techniques effectively.

  • 1 year of access

    Valid for one year
    • 1 year of access to the eBook and course videos
  • Trainer

    Valid for 2 years

    Thinking by Design
    Via training partner

    You or your organisation purchase access from one of our training partners.

    1 year of access

    Expert teaching and facilitation from a trainer.

    Videos from Dr. Edward de Bono

    Frequently asked questions

    What is included in the Thinking by Design course?

    You will be taught by an experienced trainer, provided by one of our training partners.

    You will learn 

    • an empathy based, collaborative approach to creating value for customers

    • how to apply both divergent (creative) and convergent (analytical) thinking skills


    The course includes

    • videos of Dr. de Bono explaining the principles

    • Interactive practice exercises

    • reference materials and editable PDF templates that participants can keep for future use

    The learning will be relevant and applicable as participants will be asked to work on real life projects that relate to your organization.

    How do I gain access via a training partner?

    The live instruction is provided by our training partners.

    How long does access last and what are the payment terms?

    Each login is for a single user only. Please do not share logins or copy content to share with others.

    Access to the Course is only available via our training providers and the commercial terms are as per your agreement with them, all other terms and conditions of this website apply.

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